Using Your Inner Strengths

When we think of someone with inner strength we might also believe they have willpower and determination. We may believe these people have super-human abilities or were born with a more successful way of getting things done, although that’s not the case.

Time and time again successful people are asked what the secret is. Unsurprisingly, the response often includes a commitment to habits, which help to accomplish goals, stay on track, and improve their inner strength. See below for a few examples.

Values: Individuals who stick to goals link them to their values. For example, someone may wish to become more organized because they value calm and are aware that being disorganized will lead to extra stress and chaos. Another person might like to be more physically active because they value family, and are aware of how their lack of activity inhibits them.

We all know we could take steps to be healthier and happier (eat fruits and vegetables, exercise, drink water, etc.). Yet knowing we should do something and doing it are two very different things. When your goals are in-line with your values, the effort you put into making new habits becomes easier. Take a moment and think about what you value in life. How do these values guide your daily activities and lead you closer to accomplishing your goals?

Environment: Individuals that stay true to their goals surround themselves with people and things that inspire them to be a better version of themselves.

Take notice of things in your home and work environment: what keeps you motivated? What brings you down?

Try to surround yourself with people that energize you and limit those that bring you down.

When your values and your environment support you, the sky is the limit to the power of your inner strength.

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Dr. Colleen Fairbanks, Health Psychologist