The Quote Process

Thank you for your interest in CEBCO.  The following is a list of the items we would like in order to prepare a competitive offering.  If you would like optional dental or life insurance quotes, please include this same information for those plans as well.  If there are items on the list you are unable to obtain, let us know and we can discuss alternatives.

  • Census in excel (including DOB, Gender, Medical plan, Membership tier)
  • Monthly enrollment information
  • Medical and drug claims on a paid basis.
  • Current detailed medical, prescription drug plan benefit summaries.  SPDs are acceptable if they include a summary of benefits.
  • Current plan year and two prior years’ premium rates (or premium equivalents if self-funded) for medical including drug, by tiers of coverage (e.g. single/family/employee plus one). If these include commissions, please disclose.
  • Please provide employee contribution information by the tiers of coverage either in the form of employee payroll deduction amounts or as a percent paid by the employee/employer.
  • Copies of vendor insurance policies (medical, dental, stop loss, and life)
  • Plan design changes made in the past three years.
  • Large Claims History including dates of claim, diagnosis and prognosis (including any other information that is available and non-identifiable within the constraints of HIPAA) for any claims over $25,000 in the past twelve months.

Your reporting should exclude employee names, social security number, etc.  You can identify claimant as follows:  Employee 001, Spouse 001, Dependent 001, etc.

Note: For self-funded plans, please disclose administrative fees, stop loss premiums, and expected claims funding costs (per employee per month) for the current plan year.  Include the current specific and aggregate stop loss levels.  We would also like to know whether the claims funding component is maintained at 100% of expected or something greater.  Finally, we would like an estimate of claims incurred but not reported (IBNR).  If you have an actuarial valuation for the IBNR, please include a copy.
Please write or call if we can be of any assistance as you request and compile the information listed above.  We look forward to working with you.