2017 Wellness Awards

PREBLE COUNTY – Top Wellness Engagement

#1 out of 33 CEBCO counties for program completion in 2017; 93 percent of employees and 74 percent of the total eligible population completed the program.

SHELBY COUNTY – Most Improved Wellness Efforts

Recently began implementing a wellness program premium differential and a tobacco differential. With the change in these incentives, strong leadership involvement and an increase in the local programs being offered, their program completion ranking went from 24th in 2016 to 5th in 2017.

ASHLAND COUNTY – Outstanding Wellness Efforts

A complete culture of wellness exists in Ashland. They have an engaged and dedicated wellness committee. There are ongoing events and wellness-related prizes to win all throughout the year. They have four employee fitness areas in various departments. They collect a wellness administration fee from each department for additional money to use for wellness-related expenses. They also allocate an additional $100 toward the year-end employee wellness incentive.

Pictured above from left to right: Commissioner Chris Day, Preble County; Gail Crossen, Ashland County; Commissioner Jim Justice, Ashland County; Commissioner Denny Bittle, Ashland County; Tori Sinclair, CEBCO Wellness Coordinator; Commissioner Mike Welch, Ashland County; Teresa McCorkle, Shelby County; Commissioner Tony Bornhorst, Shelby County, & Commissioner Julie Ehemann, Shelby County.