2018 Wellness Awards

ATHENS COUNTY – Most Improved Wellness Efforts

Recently began implementing a premium differential, resulting in 66% of employees completing the program in 2018 compared to 22% the prior year.  They added onsite support for employee wellbeing by designating an area for an “Employee Stress Free Zone” and conducting a stairwell use enhancement project.  With the recent change in the incentive and these enhanced onsite efforts, their program completion ranking went from 23rd in 2017 to 7th in 2018 among all CEBCO counties.

RICHLAND COUNTY – Outstanding Wellness Efforts

Richland does an excellent job of planning and executing events with the involvement of their wellness committee.  The group meets regularly, every 4-8 weeks, with representation from various departments, consisting of about 15 committee members.  With the dedicated committee and strong leadership support from Commissioners, they have a solid foundation for the success of their wellness program.  New this year Richland County will have an onsite employee fitness area.

PREBLE COUNTY – Top Wellness Engagement

#1 out of 33 CEBCO counties for program completion for the second year in a row!  87% of employees and 83% of total eligible (includes spouses) completed the program in 2018, with 98.5% of employees completing the health evaluation.  Two strategies that have been successful for Preble County are gaining buy-in from elected officials and ensuring there is a point of contact in each department to assist with the wellness program.

Pictured above from left to right: Tori Sinclair, CEBCO Wellness Coordinator; Tony Vero, Richland County Commissioner; Rachel Troyer, Richland County Central Services; Marilyn John, Richland County Commissioner; Chris Day, Preble County Commissioner; Hannah Whiston, CEBCO Wellness and Benefits Administrator; Lenny Eliason, Athens County Commissioner; Julie Brooks, Athens County Commissioners’ Assistant Clerk; JoAnn Rockhold, Athens County Commissioners’ Clerk, & Julie Miller, Preble County Commissioners’ Clerk.