For Consultants and Brokers

CEBCO provides quotes net of commissions and fees or with them built in and disclosed, as determined between you and your client county.  We respect and appreciate the value of the consultative relationship between you and your client.  Many counties in CEBCO use a broker or consultant, both in the analysis that leads to choosing the right business partner as well as in managing the vendor relationship over the long term and supporting the county’s members when questions arise.  The compensation structure you and your client decide on is up to you.

CEBCO is unlike most health plans.  Our approach to pooling, individual experience rating and smoothing of rates over successive years makes us unique among the options available to Ohio counties.  Sometimes, our initial rates won’t be the lowest, and to thoroughly explain how the plan works goes beyond merely presenting rates on a comparative spread sheet.  Let us work with you to explain the CEBCO value proposition.