Health Plans

CEBCO offers a wide range of options in plan design. We provide both initial quotes and renewals each year that include 5 standard PPO plans, 3 HSA plans and 5 prescription plans, and you can mix-and-match plans to suit your county’s needs. We reevaluate our plans each year and adjust them as needed to insure they encourage smart consumer behavior at the individual employee level. If our standard plans do not match your goals, there are alternatives. Because we continue to support older, existing plans until such time as they have no longer have anyone enrolled, we also have dozens of “legacy” plans still in use by counties that have not adopted our newest plans. We can provide pricing for these legacy plans at any time. In all, we have nearly 40 plans accessible at any given point in time.

For a look at our plan offerings, please visit: CEBCO Plan Designs