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Sydney Health

Download this smartphone app for 24/7 access to your ID card, claims information, and other CEBCO benefits/programs including access to your wellness program via HealthWorks.  This allows you to track and log your wellness activities/points right from this app.  For members who do not use a smartphone, access Sydney Health here.

Take Care of Yourself: Use Your Preventive Care Benefits

Information Flier

Live Health Online (LHO) – “TeleDoc”

Information Flier

DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program) Preventive Benefit

Information Flier 

Time Well Spent

Health Kits:


There are often discounts available to Anthem members on items like fitness memberships, hearing aids, and glasses.  Members can access these via the Engage App (see above). Discounts are located under the Benefits tab at the bottom then under Program Discounts (Anthem).

The discounts provided change periodically. After making a selection, a member may be re-directed to another site specific to the discount.

Appeals Process

If you ever have cause to question the way a claim was paid, your first stop will be the insurance company. Anthem’s claims processing team members are well-equipped to explain why a service was paid in a particular manner. The Anthem representatives have the most complete information regarding your claim. You also have the CEBCO team available for further review and clarification on difficult claims as well as the right to appeal how a claim was paid. Click here for the appeals process.

Your Rights Under the Affordable Care Act

Click here to learn more about the Affordable Care Act.

Duplicate ID Cards

For additional or replacement cards, refer to Sydney Health.  You can also call Anthem Member Services below.  If you encounter any difficultly, reach out to your employer or feel free to write or call CEBCO.

Important Phone Numbers

Anthem: Medical: 1-855-603-7982
Anthem Rx: 1-833-930-1772
Delta Dental: 1-800-524-0149
Vision Service Plan: 1-800-877-7195
HealthWorks: 513-751-1288

Filing Claims

The great majority of claims are filed electronically, direct to the insurance company by your health care provider.  Electronic claims are easy for you, easy for your provider, and easy for the insurance company, which means faster, more accurate processing and payment.

Occasionally, you may need to file a claim on paper.  This could happen, for example, if you are traveling out of the country or away from home in an emergency situation.  Each of the vendor websites provides a downloadable form for your use.  You can also call CEBCO if you need assistance.