The CEBCO Difference

When you consider your options for providing health care benefits to your employees, CEBCO stands out as extraordinary in several aspects, and absolutely unique in a few:

  1. You enjoy the benefits of pooled risk, yet you are individually rated.  This is not true in all purchasing pools.
  2. Counties are protected from extreme increases year over year.  Our eight year average is 5.2% across all member counties, well below trend.
  3. You achieve the benefits of self-funding without the risk.  Your monthly cash-flow is completely predictable twelve months at a time with a flat payment due from January through December each year.
  4. Annual rate setting is based on your plan’s performance, so you are rewarded for your efforts to engage employees and impact your experience, whether through plan design, wellness, or whatever means you choose.
  5. NO claims run-out!  You can walk away at the end of the contract (three annual cycles) with no residual claims.
  6. We are committed to wellness and population health management along every stage of the health continuum.  Our wellness grant program and county-specific approach make us the ideal partner.  We have the staff, the vendor relationships, the funding and the commitment to help you get a handle on your claims experience.

CEBCO was created by the County Commissioners Association for Ohio counties. Our governing Board is comprised entirely of County Commissioners.  We understand you and your needs like no one else.