County Spotlight

The Richland County Wellness Team hosted a Buckeye Tailgate for county employees and their families at the start of the football season. The event offered multiple ideas for how to enjoy football in health conscious ways, such as what types of foods are best to prepare and consume on game day. There were many outdoor activities for attendees to enjoy during the game such as corn hole, a one-mile walk, organized kids activities and a football toss. The game was televised from an outdoor pavilion at Day Spring, the county home. Residents of the home joined this social event and were so excited to have been able to join the event they sent a nice thank you note to the county commissioners and wellness team.

You can surely enjoy a good game with wholesome food, a little physical activity, and the company of others.  Below are some tailgating tips.

Don’t skip your breakfast meal!

Often people skip meals to enjoy a large meal….it doesn’t work that way.  Fuel your metabolism in the morning by continuing your normal routine.  This also keeps you satisfied and less likely to binge or overeat later.

Cook and eat REAL food, not processed/packaged food.

Grill protein: lean beef or turkey burgers, veggie burgers, chicken, fish, or shrimp.

Buns/breads: use whole wheat (first ingredient should be whole grain {name of grain} or whole wheat) – if the first ingredient is enriched flour or wheat flour, it is not considered nutritious.

More info:

Serve fresh fruits and vegetables: offer green leafy salad, a veggie tray, whole or mixed fruit.

Snacks: go for multigrain tortilla chips made with corn, flaxseed, brown rice & sunflower seeds, for example.  For dipping, provide hummus or guacamole.  Trail mix made of raw nuts and dried fruits is another idea.  For other snack ideas:

Dressing: use olive oil and balsamic or other natural ingredients, like lemon juice.  A store-bought dressing suggestion is called Garlic Expressions (it’s great for marinating too).

Desserts: consider fruits dipped in chocolate or assorted nutritious granola bars, such as KIND.

Stay hydrated.

Water is best.  For juices, drink “not from concentrate” and limit to 8 oz. (one glass).  Drink two glasses of water for every one alcoholic drink.  This helps to stay hydrated and limit alcohol intake.

Be active & have fun!

Play cornhole, toss a football, take a walk, run around the yard with family and friends, play fetch with your dog.  Tailgating isn’t all about food, it’s about enjoying the company of others, socializing, enjoying the moment, relaxing and of course……watching the game!

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