County Spotlight

In celebration of Heart Health month, the Union County Wellness Committee was pleased to provide a special Valentine to each County Office/Agency that is covered under the CEBCO health insurance program. These offices received a Know Your Numbers/Heart Health Kit to help employees understand their blood pressure numbers and mitigate against the risks of high blood pressure (HBP). Nearly half of all Americans over age 20 have HBP and many do not know it. Not treating HBP is dangerous as it increases the risks of heart attack and stroke.

Each Know Your Numbers/Heart Health Kit contained the following:

  • Blood Pressure Monitor – easy to use, one-touch monitor with an arm cuff to set up in an employee break room or other common area to promote awareness and encourage usage.
  • Fact Sheets from the American Heart Association – informational packet can conveniently be hung on a bulletin board or placed near the Blood Pressure Monitor for ready reference. Fact sheets included:
    • Blood Pressure Measurement Instructions
    • Blood Pressure Categories
    • My Blood Pressure Log (multiple copies of these logs are available which can easily be removed to record and track your numbers)
    • What is High Blood Pressure?
    • Consequences of High Blood Pressure
    • What Can I Do To Improve My Blood Pressure?
    • High Blood Pressure and Stroke
    • Why Should I Limit Sodium?
    • Blood Pressure Questions to Ask Your Doctor (multiples copies of these questionnaires are available and can easily be removed to facilitate discussions with a doctor)
  • Chocolate Hearts – research has shown that a little chocolate, in moderation, can be good for your HEART HEALTH! Nutrients called flavonoids are found in cocoa. When we eat foods rich in flavonoids, we also benefit from their antioxidant powers. Other flavonoid-rich foods include apples, tea, and cranberries!

Do you think your county should be recognized? Please email Tori Sinclair at