County Spotlight

During session on January 9, 2020, Ashland County Commissioners recognized employee wellness teams for participating in the Maintain No Gain Challenge during the holiday season. This was the seventh year for the challenge, which encourages wellness among county employees, raises money and collects goods for local organizations.  Commissioners Clerk, Gail Crossen, said 15 teams from various departments and buildings participated in the program, which encouraged them to not gain weight between Dec. 2, 2019 and Jan. 6, 2020. Crossen noted that all but one of the teams lost weight — a total of 108 pounds.  The teams went by such names as the Gladi-Eaters, Muffin Top Stoppers and Highway to Well.  Sixty-one employees participated.

Participants donated personal care items for Ashland Rape Crisis & Domestic Violence Safe Haven and pet food and pet care items for the County Dog Shelter.  They also donated cash through team registration fees, raising $76 for the County ACCESS Program, a faith-based program providing housing assistance for indigent women and families in the county.  Cathy Thiemens, Executive Director of Ashland Church Community Emergency Shelter Services, characterized ACCESS as “a hand-up, and not a handout.”  “Last year, we served 61 people in 26 families,” Thiemens said. “In 2018, we served 36 people, 18 families, so the need is rising.”  In addition to providing housing opportunities, ACCESS helps tenants gain life skills and self-esteem.

Ashland county employees collected the most items for this year’s challenge and will display the heart-shaped Maintain No Gain Challenge trophy through 2020.  Pictured below are Ashland County employees who were recognized as well as a photo of the donations made by participating employees.








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