County Spotlight

Jackson County Annual Wellness Auction

Jackson County has been offering this annual event that drives great participation in the CEBCO Wellness Program, keeps employees focused on their health and has become a tradition since first being offered in 2011.

Employees collect “wellness dollars” from January to December each year.  The live auction is held in January of the following year and has been pushed back this year to June 2021 because of the pandemic.  Once a month, employees can turn in a log form and get points for:

1) Participating in local wellness events the county hosts and promotes.

2) Completing age and gender appropriate preventive exams, screenings, and immunizations.

Wellness Director, Lindsay Pierpont, approves and tracks the “wellness cash” earned by each participating employee.  Each December an invite is sent out for the upcoming live auction, click here for the example invite.

At the Wellness Auction, employees can win fitness equipment, kitchen and food prep items, kayaks, bicycles, gym memberships, massages, among other wellness-related prizes.  The auction is conducted by a live auctioneer and is so much fun for employees!

Congrats to the Jackson County Wellness Team for finding a unique way to focus on wellbeing – you do a fantastic job!!








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