Fulton County Hosts Employee Appreciation Event with CEBCO Wellness Funds

Fulton County used the CEBCO wellness grant to hold a unique Employee Appreciation event.  This event was provided as a much needed mental health boost for Fulton County employees! Each employee received a personalized coupon signed by their Elected/Department Official to receive a coffee, tea or homemade baked food item from a local coffee/food truck vendor. For a few remote locations not near the City of Wauseon and for second shift employees, arrangements were made with coffee shops so these employees could also take part in the event.

Because of the pandemic, employees have not been able to do much face-to-face communication nor have they ventured outside of their designated offices or work spaces.  This event allowed employees to receive a treat, get some fresh air and interact with employees from a variety of departments that they may not have seen in many months.  The event was held outside and socially distanced.  If it got congested, employees put on their masks.

The Fulton County Wellness Committee received a large number of thank you emails and phone calls from employees and department officials with positive feedback.  The event was a big success with over 50% participation of the entire staff!