CEBCO offers one-minute quiz to make healthier choices

It’s not every day that you’re offered an opportunity to make lifestyle changes as a covered health care benefit  – it’s absolutely free!

Click here to start the one minute quiz.

Here’s a comment from a participant reflecting on their life-changing experience:

“It was just over a year ago that I joined the Diabetes Prevention Program. I dragged my feet a bit, but I made the decision to truly commit in May. Here we are, 10 months later, and I am happy to say I am 85.6 pounds lighter. I am the healthiest, happiest, and lightest I have been in my entire adult life. I have referred at least a dozen coworkers to this program, as well as my mom and my sister.”

Click here to watch Chris’s story to learn how he gained control of his life again and his motivations behind the transformation.  Just think, you can be the next Chris!