CEBCO awarded Best in Class Award

Based on the responses submitted on the Arthur J. Gallagher’s National Benchmarking Survey, CEBCO has been awarded a Best in Class Award. What does this mean?

A best-in-class benchmarking analysis shifts the focus away from average, so employers gain perspective on what it means to be the best! Out of over 4,000 private companies and public entities across the US only 106 qualified as BEST in Class for health care cost control!

Best in Class performance looks at a 2-year trend in health plan premium increases or decreases, priority placed on managing health benefits costs and the perceived success of healthcare cost management strategy. Reducing employee healthcare cost shifting and targeting waste in benefits spending and offering a competitive benefits with limited integration of well-being elements.

Best in Class Healthcare cost control methods rely less on plan design changes and more on removing waste from the system and equipping employees with cost transparency tools and second opinion options. Best in Class employers also are willing to seek out better pricing for their plans.

Best in Class employers also put more stock in the value of creating a stronger culture than their peers and look for ways to attract and retain talent.

CEBCO will receive their award in 2020!