You’re in Charge of Your Health

But you need a go-to expert — so choose a PCP.

Choosing a primary care physician (PCP) is an important personal decision. You don’t want to just choose a random name from a quick web search. Finding someone you can relate to, feel comfortable with and trust with private matters is a big deal. And when you find the right PCP, that doctor can help make a difference in your health.

Why a PCP is important

Your PCP gets to know the “overall you,” not just bits and pieces. Your doctor will have a fuller picture, with your health history and habits, and can more easily see changes and recommend action to avoid more serious problems later.

You get care coordination. Your PCP organizes your care or treatments. That could mean making sure tests aren’t repeated, your medicines work well together, or your other doctors are on the same page with your health needs.

You have a starting point. If you’re not sure who to see for a certain problem, if you have a question about different prescriptions, or if you’re worried about what a specialist has suggested, talk to your PCP.

You may be able to save time and money. A PCP helps you stay healthy and can help you take care of ongoing health problems. This can mean lower health care costs, fewer sick days and better access to specialized care when you do need it.