Incentive Program

We partner with Interactive Health to administer an incentive program for both employees and spouses on our medical plan. Each member county is required to offer this program, however it is optional at the individual level. Eligible members may access and participate in the program online via a secure personalized portal. Activities available include a health evaluation (health risk assessment and comprehensive health screening), preventive care, health challenges, online workshops, and local activities such as education sessions and health-related events. The portal offers a number of health and fitness trackers in order to track sleep, steps, mood, fruit and vegetable intake, and weight. Activities are weighted by points for credit upon completion and members must earn a specified amount of points in order to receive their monetary incentive. The 2018 incentive program will end on October 1, 2018.

Members may access the program at First time users will need to request their unique 5 digit sponsor code from their county, if they do not already have it. For questions about the program, please contact Interactive Health at 800-840-6100.

Thank you for your commitment to your health and wellbeing! We are looking forward to a great year ahead.